Monday, July 19, 2010


It's all fused! I am thrilled. I left off the remaining 6 ladybugs as I find the top already has a lot going on!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Finally! Some progress on my Meg's Garden quilt.

I got the tree trunk sewn on and the tree top flowers fused onto the background. Now, I need to move on and fuse on the border flowers! So far, I am delighted with the results!

Who says it's hard to find good help? Here's Lazy Lab himself supervising the layout of the flowers.

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Here it is! Like I said, I am delighted with it so far!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We here at the Lazy Lab Quilt Company, are, well, LAZY!  Therefore, no progress on the Meg's Garden to share with you today.  However, I thought I would take this opportunity to stroll down memory lane.  Below is a picture of the Yellow Brick Road quilt I made in early 2009. 

I have been making quilt tops since 2001, but until recently I was sort of manic about it; I would make so many and was such a perfectionist, that quilting wasn't fun and then in frustration and disgust,  I would drop the hobby for a couple of years until I was emotionally recovered enough to pick it up again.  This Yellow Brick Road quilt represents my re-entry back into the wonderful world of quilting.  I haven't looked back since.

Having been out of practice for 2 years, I found the quilt difficult to make.  It wasn't the instructions, or the fabric; I was just plain rusty and had forgotten a lot of quilting fundamentals. 

While the piecing presented challenges, this was the first quilt that I quilted using my new Pfaff Grand Quilter!  I meandered the whole single-size quilt (they specifically tell you in machine quilting 101 to begin on something small - but those who know me know I never start with something managable!) I loved meandering!  And despite the fact that it was not perfect, I loved this quilt!

In the picture, I find that it looks "Christmassy"; all green and red.  But, in real-life it is more brown/red.

A word about perfectionism and quilting: I once had a great quilting teacher, Michelle, who's personal motto about perfectionism really helped me over come it.  Michelle's motto: Finished is better than perfect!  Isn't it true?  I 
think that might become my new company motto!

Here are some more pictures of my Meg's Garden fabric choices.  I find these pictures show the prints in the fabrics better than the previous pictures.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Welcome to My Quilting Blog!

I LOVE looking at quilt blogs, but never thought of starting one of my own until recently. I hope you enjoy it!

I was terrified of applique. I always loved it, but was too afraid to try it myself. Recently, I decided to just go for it and gave it a try. I had nothing to lose but a few scraps, right? Well, now I am positively hooked and all I want to do is applique.

I looked long and hard for an applique project and finally found the right one for me. It is Meg's Garden from Don't Look Now . The pattern arrived and I ABSOLUTELT LOVE IT!!! The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Will definitely buy more of Kellie's patterns. Here are a few images of my progress so far:

I may have to put butterfly applique on everything from now on!

I haven't ironed the flowers on yet, but had fun placing them on the background!
Have a great day!